Security Staffing Solutions

  • Continuity of Personnel/Recruitment Procedures.

    During the Phase-in period of any contract, A&M will make an offer of employment to incumbent Security Officers as applicable. All incumbent Security Officers and new hires must meet NYS training and A&M requirements.
  • Our Human Resources Department will process new and retained incumbent employees and will establish or update personnel, payroll, and individual financial records as necessary. Prior to deployment, your A&M representative will ensure that all officers are properly certified, trained and equipped.
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  • 24-Hour Operations

    Our office is properly staffed all day and night. In addition, all clients are assigned an A&M Representative, Project Manager and/or a Quality Control Manager for direct assistance.
  • A&M conducts an intense screening process for individuals seeking employment with our company. Potential employees must successfully complete this process prior to being employed. All background pre-assignment screening processes are conducted by highly qualified personnel.